Here's What Cold Laser Therapy Can Do for Your Joint Pain

Are you looking for a gentle, noninvasive treatment for joint or muscle pain? Roughly half of Americans who are disabled or unable to work cite joint pain as the reason, so how can you keep your joint pain from taking over your life? 

At Reno Regenerative Medicine in Reno, Nevada, Dr. Lloyd Decker and the rest of our team can apply nonsurgical cold laser therapy to address inflammation and pain in your joints, giving you relief without having to resort to surgical intervention. 

Cold laser therapy 101

Cold laser therapy is also known as low-level laser therapy, or LLLP. It provides light therapy deep in the damaged tissue to stimulate the cells. When cold laser therapy is applied to damaged tissues, cell proliferation is boosted as part of the healing process. Inflammation is reduced and pain is relieved as the damaged tissues start to regenerate. There is typically no discomfort during the process, and there’s no danger of damaging your skin or joint. 

In an extensive study of LLLP used for chronic knee pain, patients were first asked to rate their pain level on a scale of 0 to 100, with 0 meaning no pain and 100 meaning extremely bad pain. After LLLP therapy, the patients were asked to rate their pain again. On average, they reported a 35 point drop in their pain levels compared to their rating before treatment.   

Your first cold laser therapy visit

When you arrive for your LLLP therapy, first we talk to you about your pain, covering where it’s located, how severe it is, and what motions make it worse. You’ll be asked to lie comfortably and uncover the body part being treated. Protective eyeglasses are provided so your eyes don’t feel irritated by the light.

During treatment, energy is emitted by a small handheld device that pulses the laser light on and off when pressed to the skin above the source of your pain. The light penetrates through your skin to reach photo-activated molecules in bones and other joint tissues. These molecules absorb the light energy and begin to boost regenerative functions.

Most patients don’t feel anything at all during this treatment, although a few patients claim they can feel a slight warm pulse when the laser light turns on.  

To find out if cold laser therapy can help you, call us at 775-234-2411 or schedule a consultation online today.

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