These 7 Symptoms May Indicate You Have Peripheral Neuropathy

Chronic pain and numbness can be life-changing, preventing you from participating in your favorite activities or even sidetracking your daily life. Many conditions can result in chronic pain, including peripheral neuropathy.

What is peripheral neuropathy?

Your peripheral nervous system consists of the nerves outside of your brain and spinal cord (your central nervous system), and it serves various functions. The three types of peripheral nerves are:



Peripheral neuropathy describes a condition in which the signals between the nerves in your body and the nerves of your spinal cord get interrupted. This can occur from:

If you have chronic pain or numbness, you may be suffering from peripheral neuropathy. 

7 common symptoms of peripheral neuropathy

Peripheral neuropathy symptoms indicate which type of nerves are damaged or disrupted. You may experience only one symptom, or you may experience multiple symptoms. The following are common signs of peripheral neuropathy:



How is peripheral neuropathy treated?

At Reno Regenerative Medicine, we offer several conservative and alternative medicine approaches to peripheral neuropathy. Your treatment depends on your unique case, and options may include:

Dr. Lloyd Decker has years of experience treating sciatica, arthritis, neuropathy, whiplash, and musculoskeletal pain with a variety of chiropractic techniques and regenerative medicine services. To schedule a visit, call Reno Regenerative Medicine at 775-234-2361 or request an appointment online today.

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