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Reno Regenerative Medicine always appreciates feedback from our valued patients. To date, we’re thrilled to have collected 48 reviews with an average rating of 4.92 out of 5 stars. Please read what others are saying about Reno Regenerative Medicine below, and as always, we would love to collect your feedback.

Kim L.
Submitted 07/02/20
5 stars! The hako machine helps my neuropathy tremendously, after being on the machine for 45 minutes my feet are no longer numb that night and into the next couple days. Coming 2x a week to get treatment has made a huge difference. Way better than drugs and medications to get the symptoms of neuropathy away !!
Debbie H.
Submitted 07/02/20
Hako Machine - after last Thursday's treatment I've noticed remarkable decrease in pain with my knees - I felt good still by Friday - went out to work in my yard - pulling weed, raking weeds into piles, and also used weed eater - I worked in my yard all day long until about 3pm. A week later my knees are still feeling good, I'm still having a little pain but its a different kind of pain and not as severe as it was prior to Hako Treatment. Madison -therapist - is the sweetest and really cares for her patients.
Beatriz M.
Submitted 06/30/20
At the end of March 2020 I saw Reno Regenerative's neuropathy commercial for the free consultation. After coming in for my exam the providers went over the severity of my neuropathy and I decided to go through with treatment at the clinic. Prior to coming to Reno Regenerative Medicine I went and saw a couple of doctors, one recommended me to do therapy. That helped a little bit with my balance but nothing for the numbness in my feet. Now, 6 weeks later after the injections I'm slowly improving. I do therapy with Madison 2x a week, I've been following the diet, I've already lost 15 pounds so far! I feel very good and proud of myself, the best part about all this is I HAVE STOPPED USING MY WALKER! My balance is slowing getting better along with the numbness and tingling in my feet. This has helped my symptoms tremendously. Highly recommend !
Steve B.
Submitted 06/23/20
Fantastic! The staff went above and beyond to meet our needs and concerns. Questions concerning our treatment were explained in detail that were clear and precise. I have found this procedure has been at this point extremely helpful. Thank you, Steve B
Jan B.
Submitted 06/23/20
Best decision ever!! My overall health has improved tremendously thanks to all parts of these treatments! I am so happy with everything about this experience, staff is amazing!!
David B.
Submitted 06/22/20
Getting movement on my ankles and feet are doing well. The arch in my right foot is starting to get feeling in it as well.
Tara S.
Submitted 06/18/20
Thank you to Dr. Decker and his amazing staff. I've been having sciatica issues for the past couple months now,. Just after a few treatments I'm feeling almost 100% better ! I was going from barely able to walk.. to now jumping again! Highly recommend !!
Judy H.
Submitted 06/16/20
Very happy here and I'm started to slowly gain much more feeling in my feet. I'm so thankful to be getting better so i wont loose my legs down the future! All the staff here is super wonderful and everyone goes the extra mile for me. I would recommend this treatment to anyone!!! Prior to coming to Reno Regenerative Medicine, I have been to several doctors in order to get treatment for my neuropathy, every doctor in the past has just giving me some sort of pill, which those pills never worked well for me. 5 stars all the way around !
Mary D.
Submitted 06/11/20
December 25, 2019 is when I first started experiencing pain in my Right Foot. It felt like the balls of my feet were on fire and I had needle like pain in all 5 of my toes. I tried soaking my feet in Epson salt, used creams, took various medications, all with no results! I was taking up to 6 Tylenol a day, my primary doctor told me I could only take 6 a day and that still left me in tremendous amounts of pain. I considered doing Acupuncture and other sources of doctors were suggested to me. I was unsure where to go or who to see to help with my neuropathy. I saw Reno Regenerative Medicines commercial and I decided to try the Regenerative Medicine injection shots. I did the procedure on May 21st, its been 3 weeks since the injections and I have seen a considerable amount of improvement. I've witnessed that my feet are no longer on fire, or experiencing the burning feeling. I am able to put pressure on my feet, and am now able to walk again! I'm so grateful. I've been staying very strict to the low inflammation diet and all protocols requested to do so. This has helped me tremendously and I highly recommended to someone struggling with neuropathy to check them out.
Mike J.
Submitted 06/09/20
I started therapy 8 weeks ago for my neuropathy. Before coming into the clinic I've been searching for 6 years to be diagnosed with the condition of Neuropathy. Prior to coming in I've had steroids, distal tunnel surgery on my L foot, took medications, just about everything.. & nothing worked for me.. It's been about 8 weeks now since the Regenerative Medicine injections and I'm noticing great results already. I am now able to move my big toes (before I couldn't), I am gaining more sensations in my feet, (sometimes they even are ticklish now). I've enjoyed coming, very friendly staff, and my therapist is awesome !
Shirley T.
Submitted 06/02/20
I came to Reno regenerative medicine on March 3, 2020 with extreme pain in both feet. The neurotherapy I received there has eliminated the pain in my feet. The receptionists were very pleasant and the neurotherapists technicians did a wonderful job of hooking me up to the equipment. I also cut down on my consumption of sugar and starches which helped tremendously.
Teresa H.
Submitted 06/02/20
Linda S.
Submitted 06/01/20
After receiving human cell tissue by injection I started TENS therapy. My wrists and knees are showing great improvement. Thanks to Madison the therapy goes smoothly. And her personality helps the time pass quickly. Between the two therapies I feel better physically and as my pain eases my outlook improves also.
Scott S.
Submitted 06/01/20
I have had 22 fusion on my spine and neck and have been in a total body burn and pain at a level of 12 on a scale of 1-10. Since my human tissue injection and IV my pain level has reduced to 3 and I am able to make afist with both hands, sleep at night with little or no pain in my feet able to stand and walk with a lot less pain. Madison knows where to put the TENS unit on me andis always cheerful and concerned about her patients.
Lucy B.
Submitted 05/28/20
Back in April I saw the commercial about Neuropathy, I decided to try to come in and give it a try. Prior to coming to Reno Regenerative Medicine my feet were so numb, I was having a hard time walking because of the numbness. Also up my calf my leg was feeling like lead.. After receiving treatment for 5 weeks I'm starting to notice the pain in my feet is decreasing, and the my calf has 95% improved. And I've also lost 5 pounds by watching my diet and sugar levels.
B M.
Submitted 05/21/20
This is my second week of treatment and I really enjoy the environment. Its very relaxing and calming. All the staff is wonderful and I look forward to my neuropathy getting better and better down the road.
Betty S.
Submitted 05/19/20
My daughter saw the commercial for neuropathy and we figured to give it a try. Im doing the hako machine 2x a week to help with my restless legs at night. I also having severe groin pain prior to coming in for treatment. After about a month of 2x a week I've noticed my groin pain is no longer experiencing pain. My feet are still numb but slowly I notice it improves after each visit.
Jeffrey B.
Submitted 05/14/20
When I first came here my feet were on fire. Now that I have been coming here for my HAKO, lights and my injection my feet do not burn as much. Each day my feet are feeling better and my balance has improved. My feet are no longer swelling as much as they were before. The people that work here are awesome and very knowledgeable. Any questions or concerns you have, they are happy to help you out!
Brian M.
Submitted 05/13/20
I came to Reno Regenerative Medicine via hearing their commercial on the television. Prior to coming to Reno Regenerative I've had a complicated previous medical history, I'm fully paralyzed on my whole right side of my body. I've been this way since I was 10 years old. I decided to go through wit treatment here at the clinic, After seeing the providers and TJ I was very confident with my decision. I got my injection / IV 4 weeks ago and since than I've noticed some slight changes in the way the right side of my body operates. I have never been able to open my right hand, and last night for the first time all my fingers went straight!! I've also noticed my right arm has had more movement than it ever has had before!! My walking is also slowly starting to improve. I'm so grateful for coming to the clinic and for the positive results I've been having. The staff is all super wonderful! Thank you Tj, Madison, Brooke, and Nancy, you guys are such a blessing !!
Janet S.
Submitted 05/13/20
Prior to coming to Reno Regen I have had constant sinus issues, and I was told my lower back was bone on bone with my tail bone from an MRI. Previously I've had epidurals, various shots in my back, none which of those therapies have helped me in the past for longer than one day, after one day my back returned to the throbbing pain I was receiving. I received my first set of injections / IV therapy about 4 weeks ago, Since than I've notice my sinus issues have cleared up completely, I no longer am having my constant chest cough I've had in the past. Last night I fixed dinner for about 20-25 minutes which is the longer I have been able to go without me having to sit down without resting. This morning I also fixed eggs, ham, and cheese, and i was able to get everything on the table and ready to go before i had to sit down, which again is another first for me as in the past I've always had to take breaks in between. I cant't wait to see my progress for the future ! I highly recommend for others to check it out !